What the Firkin is a Rauchbier?

The Newest Addition From One of the Oldest Traditions

Ok, to be honest a Firkin has nothing to do with the Rauchbier or how it is served, but it sounded clever, eh?

Anyways, we're not here to discuss puns, we're here to discuss our first Friday release of the year -The Bandit, our take on the traditional rauchbier.  It's unbeknownst to most, brewed by few, and sure to become your new go-to beer while you’re visiting us in the taproom!



Rauchbier in German translates literally to “Smoked Beer.” It is in Germany, Bramburg specifically, that the smoked beer tradition most notably lives on. While there's no definitive date or year as to when smoked beers originally came in to play, it has been widely documented that the Rauchbier started filling pint glasses sometime around the Middle Ages as one of the most common flavor characteristics in beer of the time.

It was not until the process of brewing became less domestic & more commercial that the smokiness of the grains used to brew came into question. Brewers of the age became more savvy as to which woods, fuels, and methods would produce each flavor, thus giving them more control over their end products and ultimately the smokiness, or lack thereof, of their finished products.




About The Bandit

The Bandit’s 5 malt grain bill provides a medium malt character with delightful notes of dates, figs, and the signature smoky flavor. While those that have had a Rauchbier before will surely remember the smoky, bacon-like kick that comes along with it, most will be pleasantly surprised by the medium smoke flavor and slight roast finish.

The term “Rauchbier” is more of a descriptive term than a style, giving brewers freedom to choose their canvas. For ours specifically, we chose to do a spin on the Bock style recipe, providing the rich fruity flavors indicative of the traditional Bock style. 

Stop by and try The Bandit anytime on tap in the taproom, starting January 26th! Crowlers will also be available to take home.


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