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Netflix N' Chips Gose // Comfort Foods Firkin Month

Listen, we've all heard of "Netflix n' Chill", but if we're honest with ourselves it usually more of a "Netflix n' Chill in Bed with All the Crumbs of the Chips We've Devoured During Our 6 Hour Series Binge" kind of situation. Don't worry, we ain't judging. 

So, to celebrate one of our most comforting pasttimes, we're presenting this week's firkin: the Netflix n' Chips Gose! It's inspired by those delicious, crispy and slight sweet sweet potato chips! To up the anty, we're adding fresh rosemary to give it a nice spicy taste. It's going to be a sweet and savory treat!

Firkins are ONE DAY ONLY! And once we're out, we're out! This beer will only be served on tap in 12oz pours. We are not offering bombers, crowlers, or growlers.

Let your friends know you're going!